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Affiliating w/ Evil Empire and Looking for a Web Mistress

Yes, as the header says, we have now officially become affiliates with Evil Empire. We have given them the permission to host our project releases on their site except for some Special Projects as it can't be shared into public. The releases on Evil Empire can be taken after the 2-3 days time delay. We still hope that readers can register and get the project from us first but feel free to take it from Evil Empire at  for those who feel more comfortable with that way. Also, we are going to open up a position as our Web Mistress. Our admins are quite busy: chika-chan a.k.a metamorphoKISS is taking and providing raws, melon-chan and VN are busy with school but should be around in probably next week. It seems that we have to recruit someone to keep this website alive and to maintain the design and such because we are quite blank about website design. We haven't decide on the specific requirements or anything as yet but we will decide it soon. Anyone interested may apply in the forum to metamorphoKISS during this week (Oct 13-17) or to the admins after this week. Applicants via email are also accepted and their email will be replied with the result after discussion so probably it will take us about a week before replying their emails.

A Breakdown in Our Forum Earlier

First, we would like to give our humblest apology to all the forum members that can't access the forum today. We still unsure about the cause of this breakdown in the forum but it is indeed have a major impact on our group. All of the data stored there are unavailable now and even our own admins cannot log on into the forum. We can't even open the forum so it's really troublesome. If this error is still ocurred in the next few days, we might switch our forum to another board but it is indeed taking quite some time as our admins can't be 24/7 active and only do the new forum. We, admins, after all have our own issues in our personal lives just like you. We will try to fix the problem in the forum as soon as we can but we are really sorry if this error keep on occuring to the forum. We hope our devoted fans and members can wait for a while until we fix this mess.

EDIT: The breakdown is fixed by it's own and we are still unsure about the cause of this. Anyway, we're glad that things turned up well.

Still Recruiting Translators, Raw Providers, Scanners, Editors, Cleaners and Quality Checkers!!

We are getting to be more stable now but still, we need more staffs in order to get all projects to be on going. Right now, we are planning to get some releases done for the month. We have to survive this month and the next month too. Most of our staffs are getting MIA-ish during this period. Some are missing due to school exams and some are busy with other groups or with their personal life. The staffs are after all just ordinary human beings who need to live their life like others. We have tried to contact some staffs but there are no reply yet at the moment. We are really in need of J-E or C-E translators, Raw Providers/Scanners Cleaners and Quality Checkers. Editors are still needed but those listed before are much more in priority. The recruitment for proofreaders have been closed because we think we already have enough PRs but they are just MIA-ish. We're really sorry that our website is not as up to date as our forum because our management just lacking the time. Melon-chan is busy with her exams, VN is busy with school too and chika-chan is busy with the raws. After all, we need to get some work done within the group. If you are hoping to get faster release, then please help us with staffing and support us. Please be eager to wait our next release. H2Love, a oneshot by Azuki Ryou is on it's way to release.

Happy Birthday Mica!! Thank you for making our first release possible!!

Our editor, Mica has just celebrating her birthday on September 29th. We would like to wish her a long life and a merry birthday party. As our present for her, we have released our first project, V.B. Rose v02 c06 in the forum. Please anyone who wants to get it to register on our forum ^^.. We are still recruiting and so far, some applicants have been accepted for proofreading positions. We might close the recruitment for that field soon. Since our first release was basically due to Mica's effort and hard work so we really want to thank her and tell her that we can't express how grateful we are to her by words. We hope she will continue on working hard for our group. Thank you for visiting our humble new website.

Welcome to VNScans where we scanlates shoujo manga and manhwa!

Hello everybody! This is our new website. Please visit our forum at for further details about us since there hasn't been much in this website. We have just started working on this site, so if you have any comments, critics and suggestions, please e-mail us at under the subject COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS or just leave a comment in the guest book. Thank you for visiting this website.

Special Member System..!

Since we got some rare manga that we scanlate but we can't publish it in public, so we decided to create a special member system in which loyal and trustworthy members can get these releases but they can't reupload or redistribute it. These releases come from titles listed in the Special Projects thread in our forum. As we have written above, our releases can all be found in our forum and it's not open for non-registered members. All Special threads can be accessible to staffs and Special Members only. For registered members who are not in Special Members group, they can PM the admins to ask for a change but they need to meet a special requirement set by the admins. The requirements will be given in the reply PM sent by the admins. Special Projects are dedicated for the Special Members and it have never been released projects. If you are interested in these projects, hurry up and get promoted to Special Members.

VNScans wants you! Join our scanlation group now..!

We are currently recruiting for staffs in ALL FIELDS.. Look at our recruitment on the Join Us! page from the website or the Recruitment thread on our forum. Click on the navigation button for more information. We are hoping a lots of applicants so we're waiting for your participation. Send your application to our e-mail at or simply register on our forum and reply on the Recruitment thread or PM vampire_nymph or metamorphoKISS or melon-chan. Our active, upcoming and future projects can be found on the forum for now but we will be updating it to the site in a very near future.


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